Aerospares Consulting Limited is a customer-oriented business delivering high quality services and products to airlines and other aviation industry operators. Incorporated initially as a trading company, we were re-branded in 2006 as a provider of component supply chain and consulting services to the aviation industry, with our software product development capability established in the subsequent years.

Our international team of highly experienced aviation professionals offers a wide range of operations improvement and technical services along the value chain, including: Operational and Technical Consulting, Audit and Inspection, Maintenance Programme Optimisation, Technical Operations Management and Technical Support.

Our innovative software products for flight data analysis and inventory management utilise sophisticated data mining algorithms and have been designed to help our clients substantially reduce operational costs and minimise risks, while increasing service levels and revenues.

We are also a supply chain partner to airlines committed to provide comprehensive procurement and inventory management services, including: inventory optimisation and stocking levels recommendation; aircraft rotable spare parts stock control; component overhaul and repair management; aircraft spare parts purchasing, sales and logistics. Our dedicated team of supply chain professionals creates for our customers individualised parts procurement programmes and inventory management methods, supported by advanced information technology.

Our various solutions can be delivered individually or as a part of flexible, custom-made package, carefully designed to significantly increase our customer's operational effectiveness and efficiency while reducing risks.