Aircraft Spare Parts Management and Sales

Across the broad range of products and services offered by Aerospares Consulting Limited, we are constantly listening to the needs of our customers and designing our service packages to suit the way you do business. Our philosophy is to understand your requirements and support you with a service that gives you a flexible, fast response.

In line with this philosophy, we provide a wide range of component services which can be offered individually or as part of a package. Our solutions are designed to help you lower your maintenance costs and reduce risks, while allowing us to better plan and forecast so we can deliver on your requirements. Thereby ensuring Aerospares Consulting Limited remains your partner of choice.

Aerospares Consulting Limited Component Services support and manage inventory stocks of over 100 aircrafts of different airlines. Stocks are located around the globe with major centers in the United Kingdom, United States and Latvia. Thousands of components undergo shop visits each year with average turn-around times of 5 to 15 calendar days for standard components maintenance. Our staff with more than 10 years of component services experience have made the difference for our customers and confirmed our leading position as a dependable, efficient supplier providing high quality support.

The relationships we have with our OEM partners enable us to guarantee availability of spares, as well as their repair and required modification, across a range of key aircraft equipment manufacturers, such as: Honeywell Aerospace, Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier.

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