Our services cover every aspect of the after-market component supply chain and are offered for most Airbus and Boeing aircraft and their associated engine and APU types.

Component Maintenance:

  • Repair, overhaul, test and modification for aircraft and engine components, APUs, Thrust Reversers, Wheels, Brakes & Tyres and Landing Gears offered in conjunction with our partners (a number of leading manufacturers, MROs and component maintenance workshops)
  • Incorporation of Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletins (SBs)

Component Management:

  • Repair cycle management: repair order processing, tracing and tracking, quality assurance, supplier contract monitoring
  • Inventory management: planning and monitoring of consignment stock and main stock
  • Component technical management: engineering services such as component reliability, recommendation of SBs, modifications and component limits, data management and documentation
  • Warranty management: monitoring of warranty data, initial fit warranty management, claim handling and processing

Component Financing:

  • Year-round 24 hrs / 7 days access to Aerospares Consulting Limited's main stock
  • Placement of consignment stock at customer's main base
  • Sale and lease-back of existing component stocks
  • Ad hoc loan, exchange and sales services

Component Logistics:

  • AOG desk support 24 hrs / 7 days
  • Basic logistics services: development, coordination and monitoring of supply chain logistics as well as picking, packaging and dispatch of components, incoming inspection, storage and tracking of inventory
  • On-site logistics support at customer's home base

We provide a wide range of component services which can be offered individually or as a part of a package. Our solutions are designed to help you lower your maintenance costs and reduce risks, while allowing us to better plan and forecast so we can deliver on your requirements. Thereby ensuring Aerospares Consulting Limited remains your partner of choice.