The combination of our staff's deep knowledge of aviation industry, based on many years of experience, with strong scientific expertise in the areas of computing and mathematics, led to the development of our innovative Early Detection Adaptive Data Analysis System (EDADAS) for flight data analytics. Likewise, the integration of the scientific expertise with our extensive inventory management experience produced our sophisticated product for sales and demand forecasting, and inventory management - Forecasting Of Demand & Inventory Optimisation System (FODIOS).

Early Detection Adaptive Data Analysis System (EDADAS), our powerful data mining product for aircraft flight data analytics, enables operators to substantially improve aircraft operation efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, while increasing flight safety and service quality. The system will be a valuable tool in the arsenal of an airline, as well as organisations providing maintenance or flight data analysis services to airlines.

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Forecasting Of Demand & Inventory Optimisation System (FODIOS), our multifunctional inventory management and forecasting product, generates sales and demand forecasts, supports demand planning, and optimises safety stocks and inventory levels. The system helps to achieve significant inventory cost reductions, better customer service, more efficient use of resources and higher profitability to manufacturers, distributors and retailers in various industries.

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Each product was developed in close collaboration with our customers, which ensured a deep understanding of customer's needs and a real user input. We provide our customers with all the necessary training and continuous support for each product.