Early Detection Adaptive Data Analysis System (EDADAS)

ACL offers our innovative and powerful product for aircraft flight data analytics, Early Detection Adaptive Data Analysis System (EDADAS), which enables operators to improve aircraft operation efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, while increasing flight safety and service quality.

Regular analysis of flight data with EDADAS will enable operators to identify technical abnormalities early on, before they develop and result in equipment failures, potentially leading to incidents and accidents. This will result in increased aircraft reliability, decreased downtime, decreased costs associated with unscheduled maintenance and better services.

Flight data analysis with EDADAS will also help airlines to save fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emission, by identifying current practices in flight operations where fuel usage can be reduced and helping to optimise flight planning. Deficient practices and risky situations can also be detected, and appropriate measures taken, e.g. the effectiveness of training programmes can be increased to improve flight crews performance.

EDADAS, unlike traditional exceedance-based data analysis tools, is based on advanced data mining algorithms that enable it to find previously unexpected anomalous events, without any a priori information. Unlike the exceedance-based event detection tools, it does not search for atypical events by comparing data to preset parameter limits, and therefore there is no need for users to predefine the events to be tracked.

How EDADAS works

EDADAS aggregates and automatically analyses large volumes of flight recorder data from all comparable airline flights within a time window of selected length, identifying the flights with statistically atypical data patterns (with respect to the main body of comparable flight data), and highlighting atypical phases of those flights. The analysis is normally done at regular time intervals (e.g. daily) - the flights from the last time period are consisting of all the comparable flights within the periodically shifting window of the selected time length.

EDADAS analyses hundreds of different flight parameters simultaneously, as a group, which allows it to detect atypical data patterns as well as individual parameters that are well outside of normal operating ranges. For each atypical flight phase, the tool identifies which parameters contribute the most to the atypicality. EDADAS produces plots of these parameters, showing characteristic of each atypical parameter overlaid on the baseline constituted by the parameter data from all the flights, as well as overlaid on the baseline of "typical" data for the phase.

The statistically atypical flights and flight phases are given different criticality levels and presented in an easy tabular format through a user friendly interface that enables flight analysts to quickly identify specific anomalies and display their characteristics.

Benefit from seeing the unforeseen

EDADAS was developed in close collaboration with our client airlines and was extensively and successfully tested on their flight monitoring data. The system improves operational decision-making capabilities and will be a valuable tool in the arsenal of an airline, as well as organisations providing maintenance or flight data analysis services to airlines. EDADAS will also help the users to create a more collaborative relationship and receive an enhanced aftermarket service from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), supported by the equipment performance data from the analysis.

EDADAS is designed to work independently from the existing event-based analysis software that provides the basis for statistical analysis in Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) programmes. Nevertheless, it complements well the event-based tools, since looks for those atypicalities that could not be foreseen in advance, whereas the event-based search for predefined deviations.

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