Technical and Operational Audit and Consultancy

Technical and operational audits are conducted on behalf of aircraft owners, airlines and other commercial operators. Following the assessment, a detailed technical report is issued, where the best possible solutions are advised. We develop technical and operational guidelines for each customer in accordance with their operational requirements and technical condition of their aircraft.

Our operations improvement solutions include optimisation of clients' maintenance programmes, using innovative customer-centric, effective and efficient maintenance concepts.

  • Technical Audits
  • Operational Audits
  • Development of technical and operational guides
  • Maintenance programme optimisation

Technical Operations Management

AC Ltd offers management support related to specific maintenance issues and administrational requirements. From an evaluation of maintenance contracts to audit of maintenance service providers. On site aircraft maintenance, monitoring and technical control. Our experience of managing complex customer fleet operations on a daily basis ensures that we can fully understand your operational requirements and, supported by our proven in-house quality system, are able to deliver a high level of technical performance.

  • Aircraft delivery/re-delivery
  • Maintenance monitoring and technical control
  • Fleet monitoring data analysis
  • Documentation and data management
  • Maintenance procedures and AMO’s guide evaluation
  • Heavy maintenance check representation
  • Component maintenance and management
  • Suppliers and contractors audit

Quality Management System Creation

We offer services to evaluate and improve processes and procedures, and quality management system and quality manuals creation services. Our team of experts offers assessment and professional advice in every technical aspect of the quality management system, in order to reassure the quality of planning, maintenance control, engineering, purchasing, warehousing, etc.

  • Quality Management System development
  • Quality Manuals creation
  • Quality Management Instruments

Technical Aircraft Inspection

Any assessment can be done as per the customer’s needs to fulfill all technical and regulatory aspects in accordance with international requirements. The aircraft condition is evaluated and the prospective customer is advised of all aspects of its technical condition in order to estimate purchasing/leasing price. We are committed to provide professional and independent Technical Consultancy Team that will inspect and inform about any technical aspects of the assessed aircrafts, engines and more.

  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pre-leasing inspections
  • Technical Records audits
  • Leasing Contracts/Return conditions assessment