Forecasting Of Demand & Inventory Optimisation System (FODIOS)

ACL provides a multifunctional inventory management and forecasting product, Forecasting Of Demand & Inventory Optimisation System (FODIOS), that generates sales and demand forecasts, improves demand planning capabilities, and optimises safety stocks and inventory levels.

FODIOS is designed to meet the demand forecasting and inventory management requirements of manufacturers, distributors and retailers in various industries. Whether you manage an aftermarket service parts supply chain, manufacture consumer goods, or run a large retail chain, FODIOS will help you to achieve substantial inventory cost reductions, better customer service, more efficient use of resources and higher profitability.

The product has been developed in close collaboration with our customers, including leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, which, together with our own professional experience of inventory management, ensures a deep understanding of our customer's needs and a real user input.

FODIOS provides its users with a number of powerful capabilities, including:

FODIOS can be directly connected to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and other host database systems, and can also be integrated with corporate ERP and SCM systems. We can implement all the necessary interfaces with the software that you operate within your organization.

We offer product customization depending on your specific requirements, and provide initial training and continuous support for our customers. We would be happy to answer your questions, set up a product demonstration and discuss your business needs. Please get in touch.